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KaleidoscopeME provides comprehensive social-emotional learning services for students and children in both home and school environments.

ALC Curriculum Books
ActiveLifeTM Curriculum

Volumes I + II

The Active Life Curriculum is designed to help kids develop a healthy understanding and management of their emotions, mindset, and relationships, as well as provide resources for physical health and well-being.

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KaleidoscopeME Founders Hoodie

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Support KaleidoscopeME by getting your very own founders hoodie featuring our colorful logo! Our hoodies are ethically sourced and made with 100% natural materials. It is perfect for staying warm on a cold day, cozying up in your home, or going out with friends.

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We provide a variety of products for the classroom as well as fun merch for everyone.

For the Classroom

Games and Merch


In addition to our curriculum and classroom materials, KaleidoscopeME offers services to implement our ActiveLife curriculum into classrooms, and expand our wellness community.

Customizable Programming

Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to create a program that works for your school or family.
Or call us at 310-773-6387

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School Assemblies

Bring events to your school, featuring our certified KaleidoscopeME instructors. Assemblies include yoga instruction, wellness programs, and more.                                           Register

Yoga Classes

KaleidoscopeME offers various yoga classes and programs, including neurodiverse and therapeutic yoga classes.

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1 on 1 Coaching for Teachers

Sign up for 1 on 1 coaching to learn how to teach the curriculum, keep the class engaged, and help the students grow.


Research Program

Get involved with the KaleidoscopeME community and help us learn how to improve our programs.


Family Training and Workshops

Family Doing Yoga

Bring KaleidoscopeME to your home through our family oriented services. We offer 10 workshops for families in our Family&Parent series. Activities such as yoga, mindfulness, exercise, and more can be integrated into each home and customized to suit the needs of each household. Register

KaleidoscopeME Certification

We offer training for PE teachers and yoga instructors to become KaleidoscopeME certified instructors.


Professional Development

Sign up for professional development to work with specialists from KaleidoscopeME to get professional training for staff and teachers.

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes delve further into the KaleidoscopeME Active Life Curriculum, and can provide additional wellness tools and practices to help students lead happier and healthier lives.


2nd Tier Support for Students

Here at KaleidoscopeME we believe that every student should recieve the care and attention they deserve. Apply for 2nd tier support for students who might need additional support.


Stress Management Classes for Teachers

We are committed to supporting the students and the educators, which is why we offer stress management classes for teachers. Register