KaleidoscopeME strives to impact the lives of every student.

Our nation’s children are experiencing developmental issues caused by extensive screen time and viewing harmful content. Because of this, children are isolating and not moving, causing 1 in 3 American children to be considered obese. Mental health issues are rising at an epidemic rate so much so that 50% of screeners aged 11-17 contemplate self-harm and suicide throughout the week. We need to take a stand  and an analysis of of studies involving over 270,000 students shows SEL is the way to prevent these problems. solution is a robust program, curriculum, and set of activities designed to engage children through various platforms. 

Through our unique animated inner dialogue, children learn how to cope with their feelings and interact effectively with others. Our regular episodes address problems that today’s youth are asking for help with. The active life curriculum sets kids up for success by teaching skills in self-regulation, mindfulness, and movement. We are training teachers and building a community that focuses on the whole child as a social emotional being instead of just a learner and the impact spans the five core competencies of social emotional learning; Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship skills, and Responsible decision-making.

Gain in Academic Achievement

Return on Investment

Reduced Chronic Absences

Results of SEL Implementation

Improves Lifetime Outcomes

There are statistically significant relationships between SEL skills learned in kindergarten and key outcomes for young adults.

Long-Term Impact

Studies show that up to 18 years later SEL curriculum had a lasting positive impact on academics, conduct, and emotional distress.

Can Reduce Poverty

The core SEL competencies are critical for the long-term success of students in today’s economy.

11:1 Return on Investment

Every dollar invested in SEL programming and curriculum has an average return of $11.