Liza Holding Book Open

Journey Over the Rainbow

Liza Holding Book Open

Journey Over the Rainbow is an interactive story where children are encouraged to substitute their names in the blanks. It is our hope that by providing this interactive feature, children hearing this story will feel a closer connection to its message and sensory aspects.

Education Reimagined

Using a unique blend of social emotional learning and edutainment we have reimagined how students learn. 

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About KaleidoscopeME

KaleidoscopeME™ is an EDUtainment productions and software development company focused on the creation of social-emotional learning platforms for children. Our mission is to impact the lives of our youth by providing curriculum and community and that builds character, instills life-enhancing values and promotes healthy choices through mindfulness and movement.

Impact of Social-Emotional Learning

More than 20 years of research demonstrates that education promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) has an impact. The findings come from multiple fields and sources, including student achievement, neuroscience, health, employment, psychology, classroom management, learning theory, economics, and the prevention of youth problem behaviors.


Advantage in Academic Performance

Return on Investment


Less Likely to be Chronically Absent

*Statistics provided by The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)